Food Industry

More and more, the food industry is
hearing about our company!

The grocery and food transformation industry is an area too often neglected when one considers GHG reduction and prevention.The grocery industry alone has shown a great need in recent years. The latest statistic for refrigerant loss, which is leaked from the total amount normally found in commercial refrigeration systems, is from 25 % to 30 % annually. With our methodology, we have been able to change this statistic to less than 5 %.Generation HaloCAREbure is proud to serve this industry because of the great prevention potential for GHG reduction.

With innovative inguinity and and forward-thinking practices, we are significantly reducing the amount of GHG being released into the air. Our services literally prevent climate change.

At Generation HaloCAREbure, we know that our GHGR Method prevents enormous annual loss of refrigerant gas from all the pertinent sectors.

The time has come to confer refrigerant gas leak detection and prevention to a dedicated group that makes this work its specialty!

Generation HaloCAREbure does not carry out any repairs.