Halocarbon Management
The GHGR Method

Specialists in Halocarbon Management

After over 30 years in the refrigeration industry, we put our acquired knowledge and know-how to work!

Generation HaloCAREbure became the original pioneer when it comes to halocarbon management and expertise.

The GHGR Method was created to be a structured work plan, developed specifically for the detection of gas leaks and the recovery of refrigerants. This methodology begins with a summary of the systems that contain greenhouse gases (GHG), which are then inspected for potential leaks each year thereafter, as is required by the Canadian laws concerning halocarbons. A code-and-repair tag system is placed at the locations where refrigerant leaks have been detected.

The GHGR Method can be easily implemented in all Canadian provinces and regions.


The management of halocarbons is neither a normal nor an ordinary job. It requires a lot of know-how and experience on the worksites to understand the intricacies typically found. It’s because of our years of experience that we were able to refine our approach when recovering refrigerant gases.

The 3R waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is our principle priority.

Generation HaloCAREbure, with its innovative approach, is working to prevent the release of toxic and aggressive GWP gases thus showing itself to be the leader in responsible halocarbon management.