Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

An Effective Methodology

The Canadian code of practice for the elimination of halocarbon release and the halocarbon regulations state that a complete inspection of refrigerated systems for the detection of leaks must be carried out annually.

The deontology of an environmentally responsible company should not tolerate refrigerant leaks and must consider putting into action operational practices to ensure that these GHG leaks are eliminated and that future GHG leaks are prevented. Our methodology sees to it that refrigerant gas leaks are repaired systematically and methodically. We tag the leaks that are found. Our in-house form is used to identify the nature and the location of the leak that has been detected.

With assured attention to detail, many times, systems no longer need to be overhauled or changed. A thorough examination of your refrigerant equipment is often the answer!

Generation HaloCAREbure does not carry out any repairs.

A thorough inspection of your refrigerant equipment
could be the answer!