Refrigerant Gas Recovery

A Canadian Specialist in Refrigerant Recovery

We recover refrigerant gases from all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at their end of life. We recover the refrigerants directly at construction sites and from municipal eco centres throughout Quebec.

Our refrigerant gas recovery service, which is part of our
GHGR© Method, is in place to ensure that no greenhouse gas (GHG) is released during the different interventions on recovery worksites.

Is being in conformance with refrigeration and air conditioning standards important to you?

It is equally important to be in conformance with the laws concerning halocarbons when it comes to recovery and elimination of refrigeration liquids found in all systems at end of life.

Generation HaloCAREbure
is your recovery specialists

We work conscientiously to meet all Canadian standards. Our personnel is rigorously trained in order to offer you peace of mind. With Generation HaloCAREbure on the work site, you are assured that the work is being done with the utmost quality.

Our recovery equipment is designed and manufactured to be efficient and fast.

Ensuring compliance with Canadian regulations

During an intervention, we are able to furnish you with all the relative documentation related to the refrigerant gases that have been recovered, which meet all federal and provincial laws.

Your project is important to us. Whether large or small, the job will be completed to your entire satisfaction.