Eco Centres
The GHGR Program

an efficient, low-cost program for eco centres

In response to the vastness of directives and the misleading information with regards to halocarbon management,
Generation HaloCAREbure created its GHGR Program

This program specifically addresses the high demand from eco centres from around the province of Quebec and beyond to treat end-of-life equipment containing refrigerant gases.

The GHGR Program was carefully designed to effectively heed all halocarbon regulations and to be easily implemented at eco centres and recycling depots at low cost.

The GHGR Program continues to create awareness amongst municipalities and governing entities within Quebec and beyond. There remains much ground to cover but we are certain that with this program, which is efficient and low-cost, refrigerant gas mismanagement can be a thing of the past.

Citizens and local environmental groups, in the regions where our GHGR Program has been implemented, can be assured that their particular municipality is acting responsibly with regards to GHG.

Refrigerant gas mismanagement is a thing of the past!