About Us

A GHG sustainability Company

Generation HaloCAREbure is a company that specialises in halocarbon management and in refrigerant recovery that are found within air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

We work to reduce the amount of GHG that is released into the Canadian atmosphere while at the same time ensuring that it isn’t released indirectly, in any other form, through the carbon-credit market.

When making it a point to heed the laws concerning halocarbons and GHG prevention, the complexity of Canadian regulations can make good intentions fall flat. Each situation requires different protocols, and all actions taken require a particular attention to detail. This is where we step in.

We make refrigerant gas management our specialty.

In addition, we strive to create awareness with regards to GHG management because refrigerant leak detection and recovery are still in large being forgotten or ignored.

We are being confronted with global climate change; therefore, all necessary measures to control this problem must be put into action immediately.

Generation HaloCAREbure wins the Ecological Innovation Award given at the annual APECQ congress in Montreal.

Quebec, April 15, 2009 – Generation HaloCAREbure, a company founded in Quebec by Mr. Alain Girard, receives the Ecological Innovation Award given by l’Association patronale des entreprises en construction du Québec (APECQ).

Invited to participate by Siemens Canada, Generation HaloCAREbure, alongside many companies, presented its ecological initiatives within this year’s theme “Green, a Sustainable Development,” during the congress held the 26 and 27 of March 2009. The award given recognized the exceptional move forward towards sustainable development within the construction industry.

Generation HaloCAREbure is honoured to receive this award given to the company that stood out because of its significant ideas in terms of environmental protection.