An Innovative Approach
Generation HaloCAREbure is a unique company, working to prevent climate change caused by the release of greenhouse gases. We specialise in recovering refrigeration gases and in managing halocarbons.

Generation HaloCAREbure has given itself the mandate of reducing greenhouse gases in an effective and methodological way.

Refrigerant Gas Recovery

When speaking about greenhouse gas damage,
it must be understood that the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors are the principle culprits.

Now is the time to adopt the GHGR Method to fight air pollution!

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

The deontology of an environmentally responsible company should not tolerate refrigerant leaks and must consider putting into action operational practices to ensure that these leaks are eliminated and that future leaks are prevented.


Before eliminating domestic refrigerated equipment at end of life, the refrigerant gases must be recovered. Our HaloDepot centres are the most competent recycling sites when it comes to reclaiming used refrigerants.

90 % of our recovered HFC and HCFC refrigerants are reclaimed and not destroyed by incineration. We are proud to attain 3R standing with the work that is being done by the team at our HaloDepot.